Q Audio Visual Sponsors NAWBO's Dorie Clark Workshop

Q Audio Visual
“Where the Q stands for quality”

Q Audio Visual is proud to partner and sponsor NAWBO Cleveland! In 2007, Q Audio Visual was launched in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. After a short, continued growth pattern, the company became one of the leading event service providers in the Florida area.
Six short years later, the company’s founder decided to move his family back to his hometown of Cleveland, and after two years of market research making sure the move was right, Q Audio Visual took the leap. The Q-Cleveland office was launched in 2015.

Shortly after opening Q-Cleveland took off in the market and this new location became the expert source for high-quality, professional audio-visual equipment and service in the Northeast Ohio area. It wasn’t long before the Cleveland office absorbed the Florida location to become the headquarters for the company. This Cleveland location services the entire country with the same level of high-quality and customer service.

Q Audio Visual is the expert in:
  • Live Sound
  • Event Lighting
  • Trade Shows
  • Screens & TVs
  • Video Recording
  • Presentation Tools
  • Game Shows
    Holiday Ligting
    Equipment Repair
Their client list is long and varied and includes:
Macy’s; JAFCO; The Home Depot; Akron Art Museum; Jewish Community Center; American Lung Association; Dairy Queen; American Red Cross; AT&T and dozens of others.

Q Audio Visual can be found at www.qaudiovisual.com, info@qaudiovisual.comor 216-930-4567.


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Upcoming Program:

Summer Soiree
August 20, 2019

Night Town
12387 Cedar Road
Cleveland 44106

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