December Member Spotlight - Leah Hadley

Name: Leah Hadley, CDFA, MAFF

Business Name: Great Lakes Divorce Financial Solutions, LLC

Q: Tell us about your business and how long in business:
A: I offer divorce financial planning and mediation services. After working in the industry for ten years, I launched my own company in January 2016.

Q: What inspired you to start your own business?
A: I found out that there was a movement across the country of professionals who are working to improve the divorce process for families and I was inspired to join in. I wanted to provide a broad offering of financial planning services specifically for those who are going through a divorce, services that would lessen the overall financial impact of the divorce on the family.

Q: Share an interesting or little known fact about you or your company:
A: I've worked with clients as far away as Australia. I love how technology brings us all closer together.

Q: What is one piece of advice/words of business wisdom you would share with our members:
A: Being a member of NAWBO makes you part of a network of committed, driven female business owners who are incredibly supportive. Take advantage of the wealth of resources and knowledge NAWBO gives you access to.

Q: How long have you been involved with NAWBO?
A: I joined NAWBO a little over a year ago.

Q: What do you enjoy most or find most valuable about being a NAWBO member?
A: I love getting to know the other members. I have participated in one of the Mastermind groups over the last year and have found the support and advice I've received to be invaluable.

Q: What is one little known fact about you that others might find fun or interesting?
A: So far the animals have not taken over but with three dogs and a cat, we are close to becoming outnumbered at home.


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