Why Email Marketing Really Works

Liz Radivoyevitch, Owner, RAD Graphics, Inc.

Why E-Mail Marketing Really Works

E-mail marketing can be an extremely effective marketing strategy. In fact, E-mail is 40 times more effective than Facebook and Twitter combined in acquiring new customers, and 91% of all US consumers continue to use email daily.*  

Here’s a few reasons why, as well as a few tips to plan a successful on-going campaign.

To build a list - A list that is truly your - or your organization's - own is of incredible value. The quality and scope of your list allows you more leverage and opportunity.  Considering that sales is a numbers game, the larger the number you start with, the more closes you'll see.

  1. Position your organization as experts in your industry. By showcasing your knowledge and skills on a regular basis, you'll be seen as an expert. The key is how you are seen and perceived in the eyes of your prospect.
  2. Establish regular contact with prospects and clients - Remember the 7 to 10 rule in marketing which states that your brand and marketing message needs to be seen by your prospect 7 to 10 times before they remember you.  It's your job - and it should be your mission - to remind them of the value your products and/or services can bring to their life or organization.
  3. Wide exposure - The beauty of email marketing is that you set up your message once, and send it out to many. Email can be shared and can even go viral.
  4. Capture website visitors - Driving people to your website is an excellent objective.  But did you know that on average, 99% of first time visitors browse around a little, then leave?  You must entice them to take the next step to allow you to stay in touch with them.  Remember that 7 to 10 rule?  It's fast, easy and very cost-effective. Enough said!
  5. Generate buzz and good will - When you share useful and relevant content you're helping your client's and prospects. They'll remember you for it.
  6. Value added resources - Archiving your newsletters on your website essentially archives your knowledge.  This allows a prospect to see for themselves how your organization or business adds value and how you help.


What you need to plan for...

Gather and Create Content - Keep notes (digital or paper based) on relevant topics of interest for your newsletter. We use and highly recommend Evernote to store possible topics and ideas. Keep your newsletter highly informative and relevant. Content Tip: Listen to the questions your clients or customers ask you.  Those make wonderful and relevant topics.  Schedule time (or budget dollars) to write it.  

  1. Putting it together - Plan on a few hours of time to put your newsletter together.  Edit it. Have someone else edit it. Test every link before you send!
  2. Manage your list - Use a quality email publishing company (like Emma) to keep compliant and make sure that all on your list are 100% opt-in permission.
  3. Grow your subscriber base - Continually come up with ways to grow your list.  This should be a big part of your marketing focus.  There's the 7-10 rule again!

McKinsey and Company January 2014 article “Why marketers should keep sending you e-mails”

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