Use QR Codes to Measure Marketing Efforts

Liz Radivoyevitch, Owner, RAD Graphics Inc.

Why E-Mail Marketing Really Works

The mantra in marketing has always been to measure, tweak & repeat.  This is great advice for improving the messaging and reach of your campaigns and pieces. Some channels such as social media and e-mail marketing are easy to measure, but others pose a challenge. How effective is your trade show display, direct mail campaign or even your business card?

 Add a QR code and find out.

 Quick Reader, or QR codes, are nothing new. Theyve been around for years and have evolved to become a viable - and valuable - marketing tool.  When used the right way, they can provide an easy and fast way to measure your marketing by providing...

 • Statistics that show the number, geographic location and technology used for each scan.
• The security of knowing your data is safe.
Changeable landing page or mobile destinations with every code. 
• Customized graphics - embed your logo or an image directly into the code for added interest.

 What can you measure?  

Postcards, brochures, promotional items and banner stands are just a few items that can be enhanced and tracked with a QR code.  With the ability to re-direct the destination address, your offer or marketing piece can enjoy a long life. 

RAD Graphics is using a logo QR code with a changing landing page.  Scan it and find out where it goes!

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