Marketing & Branding Your Image

Helen Eichel, Owner, Imacom Design

In our “over-saturated, over-stimulated” marketing environment, large brands and non-profits are realizing the effectiveness of storytelling. Learn to create memorable business stories that cut through the clutter. Stories that strengthen our brand, engage customers and help grow our business.

It is important to use of the latest social science, persuasion, decision making strategies and storytelling. One needs to scrutinize the tactics used by successful companies and organizations who use storytelling, and then "borrow" a process or two used by great storytellers throughout history. It is important to develop your business story for use in multi-channel marketing campaigns.

Learn how to use archetypes to brand your business and tell your story!  Branding and Telling Your Story workshop was presented in April 2014 and sponsored by 10,000 Small Businesses.