Tap Into Your Inner Confidence

Lynnette Begue-Lavery

We all have our own innate energy. It’s our natural approach to life and situations that involve problem solving, taking action and interacting with others.
What many don’t realize is that we can maximize our innate energy.
We can tap into our inner beauty, build confidence and communicate this through our style.

This is Lynnette Begue-Lavery’s approach to image consulting, based on lifestyle energy.

“Everyone has a different approach to life,” says Begue-Lavery, Owner of Uniquely Your Image. “We all have gifts, tendencies and unique assets.
I help clients understand how this energy drives our behavior, which can be used to tell a story through your image.”

As a speaker, author and women business owner, Begue-Lavery knows firsthand how important inner confidence is, and how to harness it.

“I want clients to look in the mirror and feel good about themselves,” says Begue-Lavery.

That starts with client training on the importance of color, design and texture.
This foundational training leads to a deeper understanding of how style and confidence can improve communication skills and relationships, both personal and professional.

How do you work with clients?

I often work with individuals in transition. They might be job seeking or entering a new season in life.
Another reason clients contact me is in anticipation of a big event like a class reunion or a child’s wedding, or their own wedding and honeymoon.
Each wants to look and feel as special as the event they are attending.
I help their inner beauty glow, giving them the confidence boost they were seeking.

Everything flows from the energy assessment and the customized plan that we create.
I have three packages – The Queen’s Package, a Princess Package and the Cinderella Package – that can be customized based on budget and time.
All clients are part of my subscriber group, and will receive information about events, sales and other style and skin care tips.

What’s a common misconception about working with an image consultant?

The biggest misconceptions are affordability, the need to completely start over or they don’t need it.
Many women think their morning routine is going smoothly, therefore don’t need an image consultant.
When in reality, as your image consultant I not only help you with clothing choices, I help you discover your unique assets and how to make them work for you.

As women, we don’t want to admit we struggle and as a result believe we can’t afford it or just don’t need it.
We’re always striving to project a positive image to grasp opportunities while reaching towards our goals and aspirations. As your image consultant I help you pull it all together.
You gain confidence for a powerful first impression.

And after all, you never get a second chance to make a first impression.

What do you want people to know about having a good image?

There are two critical factors of image.
First is color, which can compliment you or work against you.

The second is skincare.
Skin is your largest living organ and you only get it once. You have to take care of it! The mistake I see women make is using the same products all year long or the same products they did in their 30’s as they move into their 40’s and 50’s.
Skin changes with the seasons, so we should re-visit our routine regularly.

What’s likely missing from my skincare routine?

Most consumers are mixing a cleanser from Brand A, a moisturizer from Brand B and a serum from Brand C. What you don’t see is the chemical warfare going on underneath your skin.
Products are designed to work together, so using a complete system really makes a difference.
TimeWise 3D from Mary Kay is a personal favorite of mine!