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Traci McBride, TeeMcBee Image Consulting

Embrace the benefits of creating a customized plan

A common frustration many share with me is time wasters that throw off their day. They decide to wear a certain outfit and find that one garment they want to wear is lost or dirty, so they suddenly need to pick an entirely different outfit. They aren't sure it looks right, or they don't have the confidence to pull it off that morning, so they grab an ol' stand-by and wear the basic black suit - again. Another frustration is changing clothes for various reasons 2-5 times before walking out the door, causing them to leave late, which triggers multiple frustrations throughout their day - all beginning in the closet that morning!

Another common situation many experience, and share is garment orphans. You know - something that was just to stunning or such a great price and you loved it, BUT when you got it into your closet it really didn't complete anything or coordinate into a smart look. You pushed it back and forgot about it.

Well for anything to be easy you first need to put in some effort and have systems in place to reap the rewards of having a hardworking wardrobe that is ready and waiting for every occasion of your life.

What you wear means something! Until you totally agree with that statement, all the following steps won't mean too much.
A couple of things I know to be true: Since I never see anyone on the street or in the office naked, I know everyone wears clothes everyday - right?
There will always be people that don't care what they put on their bodies, and there will always be those that 'say' they don't care, but they really do. Because the next truth I know - everyone wants to look their very best. Most people don't wake up in the morning and think 'I want to dress in the crappiest way I can today, so I am sure to get poor service while at the mall or restaurants.' 'I like when others avert their eyes to avoid staring at the stain on my shirt or tie'. 'I am ok with being overlooked at work for every opportunity to earn more money because my manager avoids any direct conversations with me.'

It really isn't that hard to create an affordable, flattering, well-fitting wardrobe that brings out your best self while being authentically you and communicates who you and what you want at a glance - most people just need some professional guidance.

Example: I could do my own taxes, but it will take me a huge amount of time to learn all I need to learn, and I'm still not sure I will like what I see or will feel confident sending it all to the IRS. So, getting some professional guidance is priceless!

  • Closet Detox: really clarifies where you are and how you might be stuck. and fine tunes what you are building upon. This really is where most go wrong - they keep too much but sometimes get rid of items that really could work into great outfits.
  • Perspective: I find most women cannot be objective about themselves in the mirror. Your eye goes straight to what you perceive to be your trouble spot and every outfit is defined from that viewpoint. Others do not look at your tummy first - only you are doing that.
  • Creativity: Not everyone is creative. We need creative people to show us how they see the world or how they see our wardrobe, then we begin to see it.
  • Getting Messy: Just like any remodeling project, you need to tear things apart before you can put them into an order that makes sense for you. Pulling everything out of the closet and creating great outfits takes time, energy and patience, but once you've done it and the closet is supporting you each day, you are much pickier about what you bring into it.
  • Staying On-Track: We are creating new habits and sometimes a little back tracking can occur. We didn't create our current habits overnight; we created them over a lifetime. Correcting, changing or elevating new habits means having patience, and keeping your stylist on speed dial is an important part of the process.
  • Evolving: Over time our jobs may change, our bodies change, our age changes and even our interests and tastes change. Your wardrobe will and should reflect those changes while continuing to celebrate you and every stage of your life. So, you never get it completely done!

Harness the power in your closet – you are worth it!

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