Personal Touches Can Make Your Business Shine

Kim Skala - Nationwide Insurance

In our fast-paced, technology-driven world, how often do you get a truly personal touch? Kim Skala believes that it doesn’t happen enough.
She’s making sure that personal touches are not lost for her clients – any many have been with the agency for decades.

“We are now insuring the great grandchildren of our first clients,” says Skala, Owner and President of Skala Insurance Agency, LLC which is also a Nationwide Insurance Agency.
Skala’s father founded the company in 1969 and it’s been a staple in the communities of Chagrin Falls and Mantua ever since.

“Technology is here, it’s part of our lives, but we still make it a point to have human contact with clients,” says Skala. “We have coffee conversations to review policies with clients, and today that’s rare!”

With seven team members in two offices, Skala has a packed schedule wearing many hats. Luckily, she started working for her father at a young age and learned the ropes early. Skala didn’t plan on becoming an insurance agent, thinking that it wouldn’t make for an exciting career.
She admits now that she was mistaken.

“It is exciting! Every day is different, and the industry is always changing,” says Skala.
“We are constantly learning, and we get to make a difference in people lives which is so rewarding.”

What’s been the biggest change in the insurance industry?

For years we saw auto policies carrying home, but now it’s reversed. Home is now carrying auto.
We’re often leading with home or life insurance.
It’s changed how we approach situations with current and potential clients.

What do you wish people knew about selecting an insurance advisor?

You should be interviewing and vetting them the same way they are checking up on you.
Pay attention to things like how quickly they return phone calls, or if they respond within 24 hours.

I also recommend meeting with your insurance advisor for a complete review at least every three years because needs change.
A simple tweak to your policy could make a big difference in terms of cost and coverage.

How is your approach different?

The personal touches we provide are so important.
Education is the other piece. Insurance has a language barrier for many people. We strive to be a trusted group that gives sound advice during a time of need.
I also do a lot of speaking in the community to help educate consumers.
The adage is true, you don’t know what you don’t know!

Tell us about your team?

We are a one stop shop for all your insurance, financial and long-term care needs.
We have specialists for commercial insurance and farm insurance, but we all work toward the same goal which is to do what’s best for the people in our communities.

Kim Skala - Skala Insurance Agency - Nationwide Insurance