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20 Ways to Reduce Stress

Lisa Crilley Mallis   06-Nov-2017

Stress, anyone?
I know – with all that we NEED to accomplish, all the we WANT to accomplish, and all the STUFF going on each day, it can be easy to feel stressed!

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The Myth of Work Life Balance

Lisa Crilley Mallis, Capacity Coach   31-Aug-2017

Does the phrase “work life balance” make you uncomfortable? Many of my clients tell me that they don’t ever feel they can actually achieve a “balance.” In fact, because they have conflicting priorities, they feel that no matter what they choose it is the wrong choice . . . when they are working they feel guilt for not being with their family, but when they are with family they feel they should be working.
Instead of “work life balance,” what if you used Sharon Lechter’s phrase (from Think and Grow Rich for Women): “Creating a Life of Success and Significance”? Or the idea of “Work / Life Integration”? You are ONE person with ONE life!

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What’s Your Next Goal? Think Big!

Lisa Crilley Mallis   08-May-2017

If you could focus for the next 30 days on ONE goal, what would it be? What do you want to work on over the next 30 days? It’s AWARENESS building time! Allow yourself to think big during this exercise. No judgment. No censoring. No decisions. Just brainstorming.

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The Ingredients of Productivity

Lisa Crilley Mallis, Capacity Coach   27-Feb-2017

Work Less. Achieve More. Who doesn’t want that?
So the question becomes, “How can you increase your capacity each day?”
How can you become the most efficient, effective, and productive as you possibly can?

I’m reading The Productivity Project: Accomplishing More by Managing Your Time, Attention, and Energy by Chris Bailey. Chris teaches that our definition of productivity has changed over the last 50 years.

During a time when most people worked in factories productivity was measured by doing the job more efficiently. How could you streamline a process so you could produce more widgets in less time?

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The Five Phases of Creating Change

Lisa Crilley Mallis, Capacity Coach COC, Impactive Strategies   13-Dec-2016

Creating change can be tough!!! I recently saw this graph in The 12 Week Year: Get More Done in 12 Weeks Than Others Do in 12 Months by Brian P Moran and Michael Lennington. What I found interesting about this graph is the authors took into account the emotional piece of creating change.
A quick overview of the Emotional Cycle of Change

The premise of psychologist Don Kelley and Daryl Connor (as explained by authors Moran and Lennington and now me!) is that during the first stage of change, Phase I, you are super excited and can only see the benefits. You don’t know what you don’t know, so you are filled with possibilities. Change seems possible and immediate, hence the name Uninformed Optimism.

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Is It Time to Change a Habit?

Lisa Crilley Mallis   04-Apr-2016

I’d just started working with a client I’ll call Ellen, who told me that her biggest time management challenge was managing her email. She receives 150 to 200 emails a day (yes, each day!) and needs to take action on about 60% of those.
Ellen usually reserves about half an hour and the end of her day to go through her email but often that time spills into the evenings after her family goes to bed. Of course late night email processing was not her ideal vision, and so we needed to come up with a way that she could process the email during regular work hours.

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Stop Procrastinating - Right Now!

Lisa Crilley Mallis, time strategy visionary, SystemSavvy Consulting, LLC   20-May-2015

Take a close look at your action plan, or your to-do list, or your calendar - how many of these tasks have you procrastinated on?
The reasons we procrastinate are many. Maybe you subconsciously fear success. Or failure. Could be the task doesn’t align with your values and goals. Often, we procrastinate because the task seems overwhelming large and complicated. We just don’t know where to start – so we don’t!

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How to Manage Email with A.W.E.

Lisa Crilley Mallis, Owner, System Savvy Consulting, LLC   09-Apr-2015

Has this happened to you? You get fully into the flow of a project when your attention is distracted by a pop-up or tone email notification. Do you respond by leaving the project to check your email?

Many email programs have a default setting to check for new emails every 5 minutes. Do you realize that if you respond to every “refresh,” in an 8 hour work day, you could be interrupted by email 96 times?

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Over-the-Road Getaway eBook

Ellen "Sam" Scheer, Owner/Agent, American Family Insurance   02-Apr-2014

Road trips are invigorating and inspiring, entertaining and educational. They’re a quintessential part of the American Dream. For assistance planning your next over-the-road getaway,
check out our new e-book.

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Don't Be a Victim Twice

Ellen "Sam" Scheer, Owner/Agent, American Family Insurance   02-Apr-2014

What’s worse than having your home damaged by a storm? Being cheated by fraudulent “contractors” who don’t make repairs. Learn how to avoid being victimized by contractor fraud.

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