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Personal Touches Can Make Your Business Shine

Kim Skala - Nationwide Insurance

In our fast-paced, technology-driven world, how often do you get a truly personal touch? Kim Skala believes that it doesn’t happen enough. She’s making sure that personal touches are not lost for her clients – any many have been with the agency for decades.
“We are now insuring the great grandchildren of our first clients,” says Skala, Owner and President of Skala Insurance Agency, LLC which is also a Nationwide Insurance Agency.
Skala’s father founded the company in 1969 and it’s been a staple in the communities of Chagrin Falls and Mantua ever since.

“Technology is here, it’s part of our lives, but we still make it a point to have human contact with clients,” says Skala. “We have coffee conversations to review policies with clients, and today that’s rare!”

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Marketing & Branding Your Image

Helen Eichel, Owner, Imacom Design

In our “over-saturated, over-stimulated” marketing environment, large brands and non-profits are realizing the effectiveness of storytelling. Learn to create memorable business stories that cut through the clutter. Stories that strengthen our brand, engage customers and help grow our business.
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Use QR Codes to Measure Marketing Efforts

Liz Radivoyevitch, Owner, RAD Graphics Inc.

The mantra in marketing has always been to measure, tweak & repeat. This is great advice for improving the messaging and reach of your campaigns and pieces. Some channels such as social media and e-mail marketing are easy to measure, but others pose a challenge. How effective is your trade show display, direct mail campaign or even your business card?

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Why Email Marketing Really Works

Liz Radivoyevitch, Owner, RAD Graphics, Inc.

E-mail marketing can be an extremely effective marketing strategy. In fact, E-mail is 40 times more effective than Facebook and Twitter combined in acquiring new customers, and 91% of all US consumers continue to use email daily.*

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