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The Solution to “I Don’t Even Know WHAT I Could Delegate”

Lisa Crilley Mallis

You have 168 hours each week to design your life. You use some of the hours for sleeping, some for exercising, some for eating, some for showering, some for work, some for family. Do you use more or less than your allotted 168?

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How to Honor Your Boundaries

Lisa Crilley Mallis, Capacity Coach COC, Impactive Strategies

We have all said “yes” to something we later regret agreeing to. You may, for instance, find yourself at a social event you didn’t want to attend, feeling grumpy because you really wanted to say “no,” or perhaps you spent the whole day working hard but realized when you were done that you worked on someone else’s tasks and priorities and not your own.

Think about it … by saying YES to everyone, you are in fact saying NO to yourself! You are not allowing the space and energy to work on your BIG YES, your goal, your dream, your vision.

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Refresh Your Style - A Clothing, Skin & Attitude Makeover

Traci McBride, Image Consulting, Tee McBee

What happens when you style a professional photographer and a retired rocket scientist? They become one of the most inspiring and fashionable couples around.

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How to Avoid Burnout in 3 Easy Steps

Lisa Crilley Mallis, Time Strategy Visionary, SystemSavvy Consulting, LLC

It’s not just psycho-babble – burnout is real!
You’re bound to have an occasional bad day when you’re not your usual productive, on-task self. But when you routinely feel sluggish, stressed and overwhelmed, you know your workdays will be tough. You’re not sure where you’ll find the energy to keep going.

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Willpower: the Motivation Battery

Lisa Crilley Mallis, Time Strategy Visionary, SystemSavvy Consulting, LLC

Are you “off your game” some days? Are you productive most of the time but have “down spells”? Be honest – can you honestly say that most of the time you are on top of it?

For most of us, the amount of willpower (or, motivation) we have each day and throughout the day varies.

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Brain Dump - A New Cure for Overwhelm

Lisa Crilley Mallis, time strategy visionary, SystemSavvy Consulting, LLC

Brain congestion – you’re so overloaded with to-do that you don’t know where to begin. Your current to-do list isn’t helping. The easiest way to get out of this stuck state is to do a “brain dump.”
First close your eyes and take a deep breath. Open your eyes and write down everything that comes to your mind. Don’t judge, don’t categorize, don’t think – just capture each thought.

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Why Heartfelt Decisions are Optimal and How to Trust Them

Betsy Muller, MBA, Founder & CEO of The Indigo Connection LLC and

Those of you who have attended my women’s retreats know I confess to a process of selecting co-presenters by holding each of the dozens of proposals to my heart with eyes closed. Yes, I do read the proposals, however the final decision rests with the energy I feel from this process. The scariest thing about this process is that it runs against my rational nature. I do it anyway, and it works magically!
Recently I taught a class allowing participants to experiment with the heart-sensing approach for their own decisions. The group loved learning and testing the process on real decisions they faced for their businesses and personal lives. You can try it too!

Keep in mind that it works best when you are relaxed physically and without distraction. You will need a few blank 3x5 cards for this exercise.

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3 Steps to Align Your Energy

Lisa Crilley Mallis, owner System Savvy Consulting

When are you most on top of your mentally challenging tasks? Is your creativity used up by 4:00? Or is that when you’re just getting going?

We often base completing our to-do list on the order of importance. Sometimes we schedule based on the amount of time available – lengthy tasks fit into big blocks of time; short tasks fit into small blocks of time.

But how often do we schedule our tasks based on what our energy is like at certain times of the day? Tasks that require large amounts of concentration can be scheduled during the time of day that you feel most alert. Meetings focused around brainstorming can be scheduled when you have a little lower energy – as the excitement of others in the room will tend to energize you. Tasks that require minimal focus can be scheduled during the time your energy is the lowest.

How can you begin to align your task with your available energy? Follow these three simple steps:

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8 Ways to tell if you are STUCK in a STYLE RUT

Traci McBride, Owner, Tee McBee Image Consulting

Read on to find out ways to tell if you are stuck in a rut with your wardrobe....

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RETURN ON INVESTMENT in Your Closet: Cost Per Wear NOT Price is Best Focus

Traci McBride, Owner, Tee McBee Image Consulting

We spend our lives investing. Investing in a belief system, investing in relationships from romantic to partnerships, and our children. Investing in life experiences. While those investments are not financial they are time investments – a commodity nonetheless.
Throughout our lives we are also investing in our skills, education, training, and knowledge, expecting a return on investment. When you take a course to learn a new skill such as a new language we expect it to help us communicate, perhaps while traveling in that country, or to receive a promotion at work, or to build our resume and make us more desirable for other opportunities. Obviously if you get that much out of learning a new language it pays off in so many ways. Likewise, when you invest in professional support like a CPA, Realtor, Business Consultant or Health Coach, you have a expectations of having benefits to save money, choose the right area to live in, make more money and improve your health.

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